Your website is important. It places you and your business on a stage that can be seen around the world. Your website should effectively communicate who you are and what makes your business unique. It is a powerful tool that should be used to cleanly and quickly educate and inform potential customers. Working together, this is how we will move forward.



We ask questions. We talk. We e-mail. We learn about you and your business. We discuss some initial setup that needs to take place.



You are shown a design for your website. You critique the design and provide feedback. The design gets updated until you are satisfied with it.



The design is turned into a working prototype. Code is written. Things take shape. Graphics and photos get used. Nothing is on the internet for people to see yet but it is getting close!



Changes happen behind the scenes. Everything is thoroughly tested. The website gets tested on multiple web browsers on multiple devices to ensure it functions as intended.



The hard work is done. The website is ready. You get a phone call asking you if you are ready for the site to go live. You tell all your friends!



Things change. Your website is checked regularly on all major browsers and devices to make sure that it looks and functions as it should. Anything you’d like to change is changed.